How is a traveler different from a tourist?

Tourist planning a vacation. For six months he knows on which shores he will warm his white body. For leisure, the tourist chooses the sea or ocean coast, orders excursions from the hotel guide and plans every day of vacation. If you ask the tourist what plans for tomorrow, he will answer clearly and without delay. A tourist always has a return ticket and, with any luck, medical insurance.

The traveler is an impromptu master. Knock him off the pantyless – just spit. He readily goes on many adventures and adventures, overcoming obstacles invigorates and refreshes him. To the question “what are the plans for the next week?” The traveler shrugs his arms in embarrassment. His route is undergoing constant changes, and a ticket back is purchased at the last moment.

Learn tourist calculates his budget for entertainment/food/souvenirs at home.

The traveler manages to live on pennies for a month and release everything in one day. He has already come to terms with the fact that planning a budget is useless because he simply tries to set priorities correctly. The 80 level traveler is so clever and cunning that he manages to make money along the way.

The tourist is resting. The traveler lives. The haggard tourist acts on the principle: vacation to let go. He delightedly enjoys the sun and lies on the beach until it burns. Then, with no less rapture, smeared with sour cream mixed with panthenol. Tourist evening is a separate issue. A tourist’s evening at the all-inclusive hotel is just a song. In the morning you will not get off with sour cream.

The life of a traveler is essentially no different from the life of any honest citizen. He rents an apartment, pays for a communal apartment, buys milk and fresh buns for breakfast, works, meets people, swears with neighbors, gets sick, falls in love, goes in for sports, goes to the hairdresser, sets an alarm clock in the morning – he lives, in general.

Tourism is a hobby, travel is a way of life. I realized this when I woke up in Sochi one morning, left the apartment and in my home training, sneakers stretched barefoot, in an outstretched T-shirt, with a bunch on my head I went to sign up for a manicure. Well, would I allow myself such a thing, even in Turkey? I’m sure I would have done pedicures and manicures in Moscow, and all that jazz. And then make-up, dress, shoes, perfume – and for breakfast. After all, I’m on vacation, his mother, there is no time to relax.

So what am I doing all this … I know that many people, for a variety of circumstances, cannot afford to travel constantly. And I have nothing against tourism. BUT! How can a tourist learn to LIVE while waiting for a vacation, and not just wait and exist?

After all, how often do we save up money and feelings, hoping for a future vacation? “A ticket was given to strangers given.” Probably 80% of people live by this principle. Like, there’s no time to have fun, now we’ll work – and we’ll relax at sea. And if you don’t rest? And if there is no sea? Life passes us every day. We do not see this. Therefore, on vacation, we come off to the fullest, and then we remember him for another six months, planning the next “little life”.

And what between vacations? Existence? Expectation? Hope? Envy (“Here you are resting there or traveling, one fig is good for you, but I feel bad, well, nothing, I’ll go off for another two weeks and go to the seas!”)? And I know this travel anguish when you are locked in four walls, and somewhere the Atlantic is making a noise and people do not speak your language.

But the trick is that no one is locking anyone. All the locks in our head. “All conventions are surmountable, you just have to set this goal for yourself.” This is commonplace, yes, but it is. And if you really want something, if it is yours, then it will be so. Do and fear nothing. And if you’re afraid, then you don’t need it. The life that you now have, take it with both hands, hug it tightly, absorb it with every cell. Live every day, not between vacations / appointments / calls. Travel through your life like on another planet. After all, there are so many interesting things around. Yes, we are all drops in this endless ocean. “But what is the ocean, if not a lot of drops…”?

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