Contact established: 6 places where animals will be closer than you think

We travel to see new places, learn about the culture of countries and meet new friends. But what if animals become these acquaintances? You will take a selfie with a monkey, walk with an alpaca, feed pandas and run to the sea with turtles.

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, Kangaroo Island, Australia

High cliffs, dense thickets, sand dunes … But the landscape is not so important here. The main thing on this island is the inhabitants: koalas dozing on eucalyptus trees, pelicans hovering over the expanse of water, fur seals and tanning seals on the beach, and, of course, a lot of kangaroos. No wonder the island is named after them.

Once upon a time it was part of mainland Australia, but now it is an independent island with its own unique flora and fauna. At the beginning of the 20th century, rare animals were brought here to preserve their appearance.

The island is large, and we recommend taking a few days to visit. Moreover, you can relax on its territory: there are hotels , restaurants and beaches with a golden sand. 

There are several parks and reserves, and you should definitely visit at least Wildlife Park: pick up a wombat or a koala, watch how funny penguins are fed and, of course, shake a kangaroo’s paw


Cost: from $ 28 for entrance to the park.

Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico

Yes, in the world there are many places where you can see turtles near and even swim next to them. But where to see how little turtles are born and crawl to the ocean? Of course in Mexico!

Near the city of Todos Santos is located the “Turtle camp” – a camp for saving turtles. Here little turtles are born, they are taken care of, and then released into the sea. Tourists can not only look at this touching picture, but can also take part by releasing babies.

Usually the season lasts from December 1 to March 31.

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

At first, elephants were forced to work on a par with humans. Then they began to entertain people: to perform in a circus, draw pictures with trunks, do massage, stand on balls and dance. I don’t want to look at it, right?

We offer a different picture: in the natural park of Chiang Mai you will see the life of elephants as they should be according to the laws of nature. Measured, happy, without a canvas with paints and people on the back. They are taken care of, they are helped and raised, they are fed and bathed, with them, as with old friends, they walk for the trunk. By the way, visitors may also have such an opportunity. And you will do massage in another place, you are in Thailand.

Cost: there are several programs: for the day, for the weekend, with feeding and bathing elephants. Cost from $ 80. 

Punta Tombo, Chubut, Argentina

Penguins are the most touching birds, aren’t they? Want to visit them and see how they spend their days? Come to Argentina!

In the reserve, you can watch the penguins and their affairs, and also watch how they are fed and looked after. Here is a unique view of the Magellanic Penguins that the workers will tell you about.

Even in the park you can see other representatives of the fauna: elephant seals, hares, ostriches, dolphins and whales.

It is better to come to the reserve for at least one day. The nearest city to it, Puerto Madryn, is located about 170 kilometers.

Cost: from $ 17 for admission.

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Leslie and Betty Melville bought an abandoned mansion, repaired it and acquired a couple of Rothschild-looking giraffes. Who would know that over the years there will be great offspring, they will turn their estate into a boutique hotel, and the park into a nursery.

Visitors can not only look at giraffes (in the end, it is not necessary to go to Kenya for this), but also feed or pet. Just imagine: at breakfast the most arrogant giraffes look out the windows to beg for something tasty! They do not bite, unlike the price of hotel accommodation, but you must admit that such an experience is worth it.

Cost: from $ 600 per night per person.

Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

This forest is the real kingdom of monkeys. They are here at every step: large and very small, wise old men sitting at a distance, and impatient cubs. You can walk through the green thickets at least all day and enjoy: here one monkey for a banana is ready to climb on his shoulder, another grabs a bottle and drinks water selflessly, the third looks seriously for fleas from a neighbor, the fourth will take a selfie with you.

In general, visiting our ancestors will not be bored.

Cost: from $ 5 for admission.

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