10 most picturesque islands for summer holidays

Santorini (Thira), Greece

The island of volcanic origin is well prepared for the influx of tourists, of whom there are always many. The infrastructure is well developed: there are centers for training in water sports, many cafes with local cuisine, night clubs and, of course, beaches. Of the latter, Kamari and Perissa are especially distinguished – the second beach is more quiet and calm, it is better suited for families. In addition to them, the beaches of Akrotiri and Vlychada are popular.

There are many ancient architectural monuments – if the beaches do not seduce, you can devote a vacation to visiting historical monuments. For example, in the reserve Akrotiri, archaeologists unearthed an ancient city, which has been well preserved to this day. There is the Monastery of Elijah the Prophet, erected three hundred years ago, now it houses a large selection of icons and religious objects.

Greece is known for its wines. Do not miss the opportunity to look at the Santo Wines factory, which tells in detail about each stage of turning grapes into high-quality wine – of course, tasting is included in the tour. Santorini also has a wine museum near Kamari.

Tenerife, Canaries

This is the most famous island of the Canary archipelago belonging to Spain. It is called the island of eternal spring because of the specific climate – it is always warm here, regardless of the time of year. In winter, usually + 20-25, and in summer the temperature is five to seven degrees higher.

In addition to the beaches, Tenerife is famous for its beautiful volcanoes. Teide is considered the main one, which is translated from the language of local residents as “the abode of the devil.” Its height is slightly greater than 3.7 kilometers. You can climb the funicular almost to the very top – from there an excellent panorama of the island opens. The second major volcano is Chigniero.

The artificial beach of Las Teresitas over a kilometer in length is an interesting observation deck and crystal clear water. Of the parks, Loro Park stands out, which is completely dedicated to parrots. The park has grown, except for tropical birds, animals and fish live here, and some creatures are not here at all – for example, emperor penguins. If you want to visit the real jungle, go to Anangu – there are dense vegetation, massive trees and the constant twittering of birds. If the coastal water seems cool, take a look at Siam Park water park. Among other things, there are many attractions and aquariums.

There is plenty of entertainment in Tenerife, and you may not have time to study everything. In this case, the Park of Miniatures was built, which contains all the interesting places of the island in large-scale copies.


The autonomous region of Madeira as part of Portugal consists of two islands: in fact, Madeira and Porto Santo, as well as a couple of uninhabited corners of the land. The islands can be visited at any time of the year – the climate is very mild, the temperature difference between winter and summer is only about seven degrees. September is considered the hottest month, the temperature reaches 26 degrees.

It is best to appreciate the beauty of the island from the cliff of Cabo Girao – you can easily climb it and you will see a magnificent panorama. Madeira has created first-class conditions for outdoor activities – there are interesting places for surfing and diving.

In addition, people often go to Madeira for wellness treatments: the island has several spa centers and seawater pools for body care. But the main attraction of Madeira is the Franciscan monastery, built in the 16th century, which still produces fortified wine according to old recipes. Guides will tell you in detail about the intricacies of monastery winemaking.


To visit Bali, you do not need to apply for a visa in advance – it will be opened right at the airport upon arrival, and it will be valid for 30 days. If desired, it can be extended for another month.

You can freshen up after a long flight at the source of Tirta Empul – local residents believe that this water cleanses the soul. There is also a temple built in 962 and dedicated to the god Vishnu. It is better to come here in the morning because many tourists and locals gather for dinner.

The island has spectacular volcanoes Batur and Abang. They look completely different: Batur is dark gray, almost black, and Abarg is covered with greenery. You can climb the first volcano to the very top. There is also a lake where, according to the legend, Devi Dana lives – the goddess responsible for the rains in this region.

Among the palace complexes, Ujung and Tirta Ganga, which are built on the water and are especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset, deserve attention. Ujung adds beauty to the landscape – the palace is surrounded by mountains.

Bora bora

On an exotic island in the Pacific Ocean, the hero of Vin Diesel in the action movie “Three X” wanted to relax and at the end of the film, he did it. The place is in the possession of French Polynesia, about 240 kilometers from Tahiti. Due to the great remoteness from civilization to Bora Bora, few tourists get, and it is very difficult to meet Russian-speaking vacationers.

Tourism is very expensive here, but the level is appropriate. To get to know Bora Bora, it is best to book a day sightseeing tour.

Among the beaches, Matira is distinguished – this is a narrow strip of yellow sand located between tropical greenery and light blue water. If desired, you can take pictures that are perfect for desktop wallpaper. Tourists also highly appreciate La Plage – unlike the quiet Matira, this beach is usually active, you can go water skiing and aqua bike.

There are many expensive boutiques on Bora Bora, especially pearl souvenirs attract tourists. In a word, rest will be at the highest level but get ready for big expenses.

Easter Island

The island belongs to Chile, and it is one of the most remote places on the planet. About six thousand people live here. Statues (moai) from volcanic ash brought fame to the island – according to the legend, the power of the descendants of the first king on this island is imprisoned in the statues. Nearly nine hundred statues have been discovered; they were created between 1250 and 1500.

Tourism is the main source of income on Easter Island. The territory is very small – 166 square meters. kilometers, you can fully explore it in four days, alternating between walking and travel by transport. In addition to volcanic statues, it is worth looking at the Rano-Kau volcano and the quarry at its foot. It was here that hundreds of years ago sculptors made moai.

Every year in February, a folklore festival takes place in the settlement of Anga Roa. Residents put on national costumes, dance, and sing, arrange canoe races and in every way entertain not only themselves but also tourists. In addition to this festival, most of the interesting places and events are somehow connected with moai. Unlike Bora Bora, there are no expensive hotels on Easter Island – local authorities seek to preserve the island’s flavor and believe that they should not go here for luxury, but for the remnants of ancient culture and untouched nature.


The archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is in the possession of Ecuador but is located almost a thousand kilometers from it. The islands are quite cool compared to other tropical islands – the temperature is usually around 22-24 degrees. If you watched “In the animal world” with interest, then you must fly to the Galapagos without fail. The entire archipelago is a national park, a huge number of animals live in it, which are almost not afraid of humans.

There are various types of turtles, rare species of sea lions, monologs, and a host of other creatures that can hardly be seen anywhere else.

In addition to various animals on the islands, it is worth seeing the Sierra Negra and Wolfe volcanoes; the latter is the highest point (1707 meters) of the Galapagos.


For a trip to Cuba, as well as to Bali, you do not need a visa – you can live here for thirty days and extend the right to stay in this country for as much. There are many interesting places in Havana; for example, Old Square, where there are ancient buildings of the XVII-XVIII centuries. A walk along the Malecon promenade will show real Cuban life: young people play instruments and dance, someone hopes to catch fish, everywhere it is noisy and very fun.

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when the word “Cuba” is cigars. In shops you will be happy to offer many different varieties. And every year (at different times and in different cities) festivals are held at which they introduce new varieties and talk about the features of their manufacture.

Also, have a look at Ernest Hemingway’s House Museum in Havana. The writer lived here for twenty years. The interior decoration remained unchanged – it was in such an atmosphere that Hemingway wrote his stories. We also recommend visiting the Havana Club rum museum, which was opened in 2000. You can book an excursion during which you will be shown all the stages of rum production: fermentation, distillation, filtration, and aging. And on weekends, Cuban musicians and ensembles perform in the museum. And of course, here you can buy a bottle for memory.


The Philippine island is 425 kilometers long. There is a lot of jungle and forests, and the mountain range cuts Palawan into two parts. The Palawan is almost always warm – about 26-29 degrees, regardless of the time of year. But in May-December there is a rainy season, although rainfall is not too regular, it is still better to visit the island in the summer.

The highest point of the island, Mount Mantaling (2100 m), is quite capable of climbing untrained tourists. You will not only appreciate the magnificent views but also perhaps discover a new animal or plant – scientists regularly find species unknown to science here.

The Puerto Princesa Underground National Park will delight travelers with its diverse nature – there are only three kinds of trees here under three hundred. But most of all tourists are interested in the river itself. On it you can ride a boat; part of the river goes through the cave and then goes into the jungle, which can be crossed only by water.

Among the architectural monuments, the Melville lighthouse, which was built in the 19th century, stands out. You can climb to its peak and look at the endless ocean, also in good weather, you can see other islands.


Seychelles owns as many as 115 islands, but less than a third of them are inhabited, only 33. The largest island is Mahe, with an area of ​​142 square meters. km The climate is subequatorial, the average annual temperature does not fall below 27 degrees.

This is the only place where the Seychelles palm tree grows, the fruits of which weigh under twenty pounds, but sometimes much heavier specimens are also found. From the animal kingdom, Aldabra turtles are of interest – they live up to 150 years. You can see them only on the island of Aldabra. And among Seychelles is the island of Birds, where, as you might guess, there are many birds of all varieties.

Seychelles Morne Nature Reserve and Tea Factory are located on Mahe. It would be more correct to call local varieties tea drinks since they contain vanilla, and also mint, cinnamon, and citruses are sometimes added to them. The guides will show how tea is prepared, and in the shop at the factory, you can buy tea leaves and all the additional ingredients. And before buying, you can try different varieties for free.

You can learn about local culture in the village of artisans, where craftsmen make various figures, figurines, ship models and paintings.

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