10 best mountains to conquer

Once fascinated by mountaineering and taking the first peak, it is difficult to resist the desire to climb others. Gradually gaining experience, you can reach the mountains of eight thousand meters, although climbing any of them will not at all look like a run-up to the ninth floor of the stairs when the elevator is not working. We have compiled a list of the best mountains for climbing and climbing. Many of them are quite accessible even to an ordinary, moderately prepared person.

Monte Rosa, Pennine Alps, Switzerland

The highest peak of the mountain range is Dufour, the height is 4634 meters. Monte Rosa is located in the same chain as the Matterhorn, the peak of the Pennine Alps. Nearby is the popular resort of Zermatt, which attracts many tourists. It has good infrastructure and excellent mountain views.

In the northern part of Monte Rosa, there is a large glacier called Horner. Its length is a little over fourteen kilometers. The mountains in the Monte Rosa massif are quite high and moderately complex, but the local landscapes pay off any difficulties when climbing.

Belukha, Gorny Altai, Russia

It’s not necessary to go far to feel like a climber. On the border of Kazakhstan with Russia, the highest point of the Altai Mountains is 4509 meters high. It is called Eastern Belukha. Nearby are Delaunay Peak (4260 meters) and Western Belukha (4435 meters). Together they form three peaks, which is why Belukha is often called the “Three-headed sacred mountain.”

This mountain is considered sacred because, according to legend, the goddess Umai lives here. Among Turkic peoples, this is the highest female deity, as well as the patroness of women in childbirth and children. Altai people do not seek to enter the goddess’s possessions, on the contrary, they are wary of her and therefore usually do not climb to the top.

Island Peak, Himalayas, Nepal

A mountain of decent size – 6130 meters. Despite the alleged difficulty of climbing, which is also associated with acclimatization, among professional climbers, Island Peak is considered a kind of warm-up before going on Mount Everest.

You can get to this part of the Himalayas by plane. Deciding on such a flight is already a feat, not to mention climbing to Island Peak. The fact is that Lukla Airport is located almost on a mountain range, and the length of the runway is only 527 meters. There is a cliff on one side, and a concrete wall on the other.

Island Peak was first conquered in 1953. The mountain has become one of the most popular places for climbing among tourists who come to the Himalayas.

Stoke Kangri, Himalayas, India

Stoke Kangri, like Island Peak, among seasoned climbers, often serves as a training site before climbing more complex mountains. You won’t need much equipment to conquer: people who have been there saying that there are enough tracking sticks and “cats”. However, it is better not to neglect safety, especially if they had not climbed such high mountains before – 6137 meters.

In the vicinity, there are several places where everything you need to climb is sold. At an altitude of 3700 meters is the village of Stok, and even higher (5000 meters) a base camp is established.

Dolomites, Italy

There are immediately twelve ski resorts, so with the search for a place to stop the difficulties just will not arise. The lower slopes are all green – there are many forests and meadows. In the Dolomites, there is the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, which you can walk up to or before climbing to the top of Marmolada (3342 meters).

A big plus of this array is the developed infrastructure. There are enough shops and places to relax and stop. Climbing Mount Marmolada should not cause great difficulties, but you cannot call it a walk – there is a glacier and dangerous cliffs.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The highest point in Africa (5895 meters) is a stratovolcano. Despite the impressive height, Kilimanjaro will be quite capable of novice tourists, but it is better not to go there without the support of experienced climbers. As, however, to any other mountain.

The mountain is very popular, the flow of tourists is stable, and finding a suitable tour from the all-inclusive category will not be a problem.

Elbrus, Russia

Another mountain that is located in Russia. The height is 5642 meters, the peak is on the western side of Elbrus. The place is very popular, with many tourist centers and hotels. There is a road at the foot of the mountain, so you can easily get to the starting point.

There are about ten climbing routes, but despite the apparent lightness, accidents are not uncommon. The danger is ice cracks and a quick change in weather conditions. For beginners, it is better to postpone climbing Elbrus and first to conquer simpler mountains.

Yangshuo China

As is usually the case with oriental names, Yangshuo is written and pronounced by anyone in every way: Yansho, Janus, and Yangshuo. In the vicinity of the city, there are many green mountains. Some are suitable for not the most prepared climbers, but you will have to work hard to conquer others.

What if you like mountains, but you don’t want to endure the cold, icy winds, kilograms of equipment and kilometers of a walk up the stone-ice fields? Most likely, you should pay attention to climbing – this bright, beautiful sport will not require superpowers or frost resistance, because the best climbing areas are located in warm regions, by the seas, and the simplest routes are possible for anyone. We will tell you about the three most remarkable areas.

El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, USA

The highest mountain in Yosemite National Park, located in California. The height, relative to other places on the list, is not very large – only about 900 meters, but this does not mean the ease of routes. The first passage of this massif in 1958 was taken by a group of climbers for 47 days! Of course, in our time the technique of climbing and insurance is improving and now the record for high-speed climbing to ElKap (as it is respectfully called) is a little less than two and a half hours!

In 2008, rock climber Alex J. Honnold solo climbed El Capitan, that is, he climbed to the top without insurance and did not use any equipment other than climbing shoes and a bag of magnesia. Discovery Channel created a documentary about this phenomenal climb.

Kalymnos, Greece

Kalymnos is not a mountain, but a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, widely known and very popular among climbers all over the world. Delicious food, warm sea, excellent weather – in general, a wonderful resort where you can not only relax on the beach but also test yourself on a climbing track.

By the way, there are a lot of routes for climbing: the so-called “guide book”, that is, a book that contains all the tracks located on the island, contains a description of tens of thousands of routes for all climbers. Both a professional and a beginner – everyone will be able to find the track on their shoulder and mood! After a busy sports day, you can sit with friends in one of the many cozy cafes, and on a day of rest, go scuba diving or go sailing around the island.

Arco, Italy

A small town in northern Italy, almost in the very center of Europe. The medieval castle, built by Count Arco in the 14th century, and ancient narrow streets are filled every year with crowds of tourists from around the world. This place is also very popular with climbers. People come here alone, together, with families and pets, settle in hotels and campsites. Climbing – to get to the nearest route, just cross the road, ride bicycles – in those places some of the best mountain bike routes were laid in the world, go to museums or just enjoy life with a glass of delicious local ice cream.

Climbing in Arco is a great option for relaxing with the whole family: everyone will find a place or activity to their liking, you do not need to think about what to do on a rainy day or when you are tired. Of course, before you gather on real rocks, you should practice a little under the supervision of experienced instructors who will teach you the correct climbing technique and show you how to handle the equipment. You can find everything you need for training on indoor climbing gyms – simulators that simulate rocks. For example, the Limestone climbing wall in Moscow, where experienced instructors with rich climbing experience will always help you, support and prepare, as well as answer all the questions that may arise for those who decide to try this wonderful sport!

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